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Clarify your strategy 
Structure your financing
Consolidate your governance

Infuse it with a much needed dose of sustainability

We assist decision-makers from economic-profit, social-profit and public organisations.
We make it sustainable for people and for the planet.

Our consulting services

your strategy

Do you aspire to clarity, resilience, growth and sustainability? 

Working together with your teams, we winch you in the development, validation and implementation of the strategy of your organisation.

By highlighting your vision, we enable you to align your teams around a common purpose.

All of this, with the  sustainability lens which became a substantial issue in your strategy.

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your financing

Keen in avoiding the burdens related to financing your development?

Winch has broad expertise in public and private financing.

We winch decision-makers who want to ensure the development of their organisation by structuring fund-raising and anticipating potential obstacles.

We guide you throughout the whole process leading to obtaining the necessary financing.

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your governance

Effective governance is key to steering your organisation.

We support you in consolidating your governance practices via in-depth analysis and understanding of your governance model and practices.

After assessment, we advise you on paths to winch the effectiveness of your Board of Directors and its connections to the governance chain.

Beyond compliance.

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In order to fully understand your expectations,  we always meet with you before framing a mission

This informal meeting does not require you to make any commitment. 

It allows to define together your expectations and the methods that best correspond to your aspirations.

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Sustainability consulting at Winch Projects

At Winch, sustainability is embedded in our practices

 Discover our sustainability vision and commitments  

Inspiration. Challenge.
Commitment. Partnership.

To boost your projects, you need rich discussions, expertise, experience and commitment.

We are able to offer you each of these.

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