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Sustainability for your organization

Sustainability is not an aside objective. Social and environnemental concerns are so much nested that addressing them will influence all kinds of management fields like your operational processes, your innovation pipeline, your human ressources management, your value chains...

On the top of the many opportunities lying behind sustainable impact, this is all good for the resilience of your organization.

You have maybe no clue about how to start on your sustainability journey without compromising your short-term results?

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Winch's own sustainability commitments

As many reference frameworks exist to express an organization's sustainable commitment, Winch opted for the most universal of those, which suits perfectly our small structure: the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, developed in 2015 in order to bring us to a more sustainable world by 2030.

Never heard about this ? Visit www.sdg.org !

SDG8 and SDG9 are at the heart of our strategic focus. We also contribute and commit to  SDG5, SDG10, SDG13 and SDG17.

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The Belgian Sustainability Network

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Full experience traineeships

Framing the SDG's for Winch

SDG8 and SDG9 are at the heart of our  strategic focus. 
We also contribute and commit to SDG5, SDG10, SDG13 and SDG17. 
Have a look on the details :

By essence and mission, we winch our customers to achieve higher levels of productivity through diversificationtechnological upgrading and innovation.

We built strong expertise in fair financial models related to fair producer pricing.

We developed adhoc tools embedding sustainability in our toolkit.

We also encourage formalisation and growth of micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises, while we offer each year 6-8 full experience traineeships to students in our direct neighbourhood (LLN).

Any start-up knocking at our door receives a free strategic coaching  session.

Sustainable industrialisation and support to innovation is part of our DNA. 

We developed unique expertise in developing inclusive industrial projects, respectful of all materialities among stakeholders.

When needed, we coach your innovation projects in order to offer them the top chances of success.

We have managed to build a certified passive building, which shares office rooms as a co-working space

We are in the process of obtaining the B Corp certification, which by its criteria obliges us to measure our consumption of gas, electricity, water, gasoline, etc. and  thus reduce our CO2 emissions as much as possible.


From teamwork to sector and cross-sector partnerships:
we are happy to exchange expertises in order to make it better, faster.

We valorise networking for enhancing creativity and sharing good practices, hence we are proud members of The Shift.