Do you know what a winch is?

The Winch is not only a singularly resourceful comic book hero... 

it is at first a lever tool, particularly helpful when sailing, 
both for leveraging and for fine-tuning your efforts. 

So, our team will increase the value of your efforts tenfold in order to lead you beyond your expectations. 

As well in strategy than in financing and governance for all your projects. 

All of this, infused with a much needed dose of sustainability.

working with us?

For making your projects successful

For whom?

Winch provides consulting advices to  executives  and  boards of directors  in a wide range of organizations.

We like supporting economic-profit, social-profit, private and public organizations from all sectors.

We support organizations of all sizes, with a focus on mid-sized organizations.


Our fields of expertise are strategy (including business project development), financing and governance.
The whole being infused with today's sustainability concerns.

These fields are complementary, so it often happens that your project crosses the limits of just one of these areas.


We support you in enhancing and fine-tuning your efforts  to lead you beyond your expectations.

For each of your concerns, we adjust and apply the appropriate method to winch the results of your projects.


We live and apply our values as an integral part of our consulting relationships: 

Trust - Challenge - Commitment - Partnership and team spirit

You'll need them to be successful. Get to know us.

Once upon a time... 

 ...Where does Winch come from ?

Winch's story goes back many years ago, when seasoned entrepreneurs with some flair for innovation gather in a small flat in Louvain-la-Neuve. The discussion turns around the challenges and needs of business leaders willing to grow their business.  From their own experiences in diverse environments, they know that successful development requires sound strategies, professional governance, and sufficient resources to meet great ambitions

They realise that together, they combine a unique mix of competences in these areas.  The idea quickly emerges that joining forces would serve their shared purpose: contribute to strengthening the economy of their Region by sharing their competences with boards and management teams and assist them in taking their next development steps. Sharing the same values of effectiveness, integrity and service, they formalise their partnership in Innovity.

For more than 10 years, Xavier Desclée, Pierre Guisset, Jean-François GosseTanguy Floor and their team will accompany leading teams of tens of companies and organizations from promising startups to listed multinationals in such diverse industries as information technology, healthcare, agri-food, metalwork, energy namely.   In several cases, their engagement contributed to making their clients real stars in their domain.

But here it is... the time keeps elapsing and what was bound to happen happened. Some of our valiant partners are reaching the age of some new form of wisdom: that of reducing the pace of their missions a little bit and prepare a younger team to take the reins with the same energy.

As this transition opens room to renewed ambitions, the idea took shape to express these under a new identity capitalising on the solid foundations of Innovity and engaging even more in the sustainability imperative encompassing all activities.  

This is how WINCH is born: a little bit the same yet different, enthusiastically combining the old and the new, sponsored by Innovity's partners, and completed by the arrival of new hires.  

Together, we look forward to working with you in order to shape the future of your company. 
Through strategic support, innovation financing and consolidating governance. 

Winchably yours!