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Strategy consulting & coaching

Winch supports you as a decision-maker by helping clarify your strategy and by analysing in-depth your different horizons' options. We leverage new ideas all along the strategy clarification process:

  • Reviewing your organization's purpose
  • Defining your organization's visionambition and values
  • Analysing trends and their influence on your markets
  • Assessing and including all your stakeholders' feedback and aspirations
  • Validating your value proposition
  • Building and organizing your sustainable business model
  • Clarifying all aspects of your value chains
  • Clarifying your competitive positioning
  • Identifying risks and opportunities on short- and long-term
  • Confronting scenarios
  • Suggesting differentiation strategies
  • Building financing strategies
  • Developing in-depth financial plans

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Strategy consulting Winch
Financing consulting Winch

Funds raising for your development and innovations

You have a development project in which you strongly believe. Yet, you lack the time and expertise to raise the financing that it deserves. 

Winch helps you to complement your own funds with external financing from private and public sources. We create significant financial leverage by bringing together complementary private and public funds. We assist with :

  • Structuring your project according to the key criteria required by funders
  • Demonstrating the relevance and the positive impact of the project 
  • Developing and optimising your financial strategy
  • Negotiating with financiers
  • Coordinating the preparation of your applications
  • Following up on the reporting required post-financing, in accordance with the codes required by your investors

We support you at all levels of financing, from €350k to over €50M. Let's examine the form this support takes.


Consolidating governance

Armed with both practical and academic experience, Winch supports Boards of Directors and Management teams in steering their organization with commitment and effectiveness.

We assist you in :  

  • Consolidating your governance chain including Board of Directors, shareholders and management team 
  • Identifying strengths and unearth opportunities for improvement 
  • Assessing your governance practices as a listed, non-listed, small, big or family company 
  • Assessing your sustainability practices at Board- and C-levels and providing you with tools to adopt more of them
  • Establishing the internal governance systems needed to implement your strategy

We proceed in accordance with all recommendations from governance codes. And beyond.

In governance, one size never fits all. Relevance is key. Hence, we favour meeting people as well as human and customised approaches.

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Governance consulting Winch
Sustainability consulting Winch

Coaching and facilitating your sustainable transition

Winch combines strong strategic insight with full sustainability commitment.  Depending on the needs that we will identify together, we provide your organization with:

  • Training Boards and management to sustainability concerns and opportunities
  • Assessing sustainability practices and sustainable impacts in your organization
  • Defining (and reaching) sustainable targets and obtaining relevant labels (B-Corp, labels specific to your sector)
  • Assessing materiality and stakeholders engagements
  • Identifying sustainability risks and opportunities
  • Fostering a vision on the role that your organization will take in shaping tomorrow
  • Drawing your sustainable business strategy, ie your sustainability embedded strategy
  • Building up your business plan for sustainability
  • Making it implementable with qualitative actions- and operations- plans 

We winch clients who want to develop a strategic approach to sustainability but lack the resources and expertise to scale their ambition.

Let's frame your next steps in your sustainability journey !